The Holy Bible of Drinking Games

Luke Benjamin Thomas
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The divine scripture passed down from the drinking gods themselves to the mere mortals of this planet. Are you worthy of the gods? Can you handle the drinking games?

Inside this book you'll find:

- 39 drinking game (12 require a deck of cards)

- Games compiled from 10 different countries

- The Drinkers' Prayer

- 79 pages of awesome games!

The book was originally created on a small island in Fiji, where in the space of 3 weeks, received 68 signatures from people who loved playing the games and grew to 32 games. People added games into the book themselves!

Now you can grab your own copy!

  • Inside The Book...

  • Length
    79 pages
  • Total Number of Games
    39 games
  • Inside The Book...
  • Length79 pages
  • Total Number of Games39 games
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The Holy Bible of Drinking Games

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